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Mea LaVie embodies the wild and untamed spirit of the Pure Woman, the Mistress of the Universe, and the African Venus.
She helps us to discover our hearts amidst the chaos of the modern world, using art and design to inspire a creative journey.. Mea is known for her deeply moving poetry and her beautiful artwork, which she teaches as a creative life coach to those who seek to unlock their inner artist.

The name "Mea" is an acronym for "Mandi Engelbrecht Art," which reflects the passion she has had for art since childhood. "LaVie" was added to pay homage to her love for French vintage style, from classic tones to bohemian gypsy aesthetics. A true nomad at heart, Mea travels the world, setting up pop-up shops, and sharing her skills and knowledge with anyone who wants to learn.

Despite facing challenges early on, such as not being allowed to study art in school, Mea has proven that one can make a living doing what they love. She is a survivor, not a victim, and she uses her experiences of being broken and abused to inspire others to live their lives on their own terms. Mea is a beacon of hope for many, especially those who have faced adversity, and she is a staunch advocate for mental awareness and capability.

Through her unique perspective on life, Mea manages to motivate others to see the beauty in the world, even in the midst of struggle. Her love runs deep, and she gives freely to those around her. As a result, she has become a beloved and well-known household name, catering to the regular girl next door who wants to add creativity and beauty to her life.

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